HAZEMAG 的客户服务经验确保您不仅可以获得最高品质的系统解决方案,还可以获得专家指导和支持,以便在设备使用周期内优化您的业务运营。



多年来持续成功的一个重要因素是,HAZEMAG 优先考虑客户的特殊需求,从而为其量身打造解决方案并提供卓越技术支持。

HAZEMAG 的客户服务经验及其带来的优势体现在以下几个方面:

  • 生命周期管理和设备优化
  • 动态监控以提高部件的使用寿命并精确制定更改计划
  • 预测和完好性监测、预防性维护计划
  • 根据操作要求完成库存分析
  • 全面的维护计划
  • 每次停机所需的人员和零件


通过合作,HAZEMAG 与客户共同努力,以提高流程效率并减少与库存相关的浪费。


Spare parts service

Minor effort – maximum effect
With regard to disposability of machines and equipment, minor decisions can have a major effect. By using genuine HAZEMAG parts you are able to avoid high costs for failure and long machine breakdown. For long-lasting success everything has to fit - right down to the last detail. Don’t make compromises! Invest in your process reliability.

Genuine spare parts - for long life a life long
HAZEMAG supplies parts for every machine and all equipment we have ever built regardless of whether your machine is new or from the 50‘s. That is our promise to you! Only original HAZEMAG spare parts ensure that your HAZEMAG machine remains reliable a life long. Our modern, IT-controlled spare parts warehouse in Dülmen keeps nearly 20,000 different wear and spare parts in stock. We regularly adapt our warehouse and safety stock levels to guarantee short delivery times at familiar high quality. HAZEMAG offers especially wear parts in many different qualities. This ensures an optimum of quality for each type of use, even in case of changing the feed material.

Do you need for proper installation a service technician to install the parts by himself or for supervising your employees? We are at your service! Worldwide! Our service team is available and will be glad to support you!

Used machines

Knowing that HAZEMAG machines are very long lasting, we have dedicated ourselves to reconditioning used machines which are already out of service and offering them again in perfect operating condition and OEM quality at attractive prices. HAZEMAG offers a wide range of used machines. You can rely on our proven HAZEMAG quality without making any compromises!


In the course of time any production processes cause wear to machine components. As the manufacturer of your machine, HAZEMAG offers the opportunity to properly repair major components such as rotors or housings. Repairs increases the endurance limit of your components, minimises the risk of failure and is frequently the most cost-efficient alternative. We would be pleased to inspect your machine on site and provide you with a general summary of its condition. Based on the findings of this on-site inspection, we will provide a budget quotation. After disassembly of the components and detailed inspection at our workshop in Dülmen, you will receive a binding quotation for all work to be performed on basis of our original drawings. After conclusion of the repair work, your machine components will be returned to your plant in renewed top condition. Only HAZEMAG can offer this type of quality repair!


You can profit from the advantages of our development by using optimum HAZEMAG technology. That is part of our philosophy! A possibility would be to equip your machine with a retractable grinding path. The great advantage of this new design is that it prevents from damages to the rotor and grinding path when foreign material is unintentionally include. The grinding path retracts in a controlled manner. When your rotor has reached its final wear limit and a replacement is required, you have the perfect opportunity of installing a new designed rotor model, optimised for minimum wear. Our many years of experience and continuous development of our product range offers the opportunity of an optimal HAZEMAG quality and a simultaneously reduction of your wear costs. If the mixtures in your production processes are changing regularly, you will have the possibility of upgrading to our HAZtronic system. Operating with the electro-hydraulic principle offers the capability of automated adjustment of your impact aprons and grindings paths. A unique advantage of the HAZtronic system is its fully automatic control without interrupting the operation.

Inspection contracts

HAZEMAG offers you tailor-made service packages. You can always depend on the availability of your machine. Our inspection contracts are including periodic inspections of your machines matched to your specific operating circumstances at agreed conditions. In order to prevent major repairs we will support you with condition-dependent maintenances by our highly qualified personnel. It also minimises subsequent machine damage and the material rejections associated with malfunctions.


The availability and efficiency of your equipment is directly dependent on the qualifications of your operating and maintenance personnel. The HAZEMAG training concept offers primary prerequisites for such qualification and is subdivided into two sections.

Theoretical training
Theoretical training provides participants with the principles and background knowledge of HAZEMAG technologies. This training is based primarily on the operating and maintenance instructions supplied with the equipment.

Practical training
As a supplement to theoretical training, we offer practical training, directly on your site. This serves for practical implementation of everything learned previously. Particular attention is given to specific circumstances and requirements on site. This training is performed by experienced start-up personnel.

We would be pleased to develop a tailor-made training offer for you and combine it with maintenance and/or inspection work at your plant.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your HAZEMAG service team is always available for advice!



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