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For the industrial beneficiation of primary and secondary raw materials, crushing procedures for the production of certain grain sizes, forms, surfaces or for the outcrop of multi-component materials play a central role.

The utilised crusher must meet stringent requirements of today's time when processing rocks, ores and coals. Materials to be crushed become more and more difficult in terms of handling, high throughput capacities are required and the energy input is a key focus. Therefore the application of energy-efficient roll crusher with high throughput rates becomes more and more important from the economic and ecologic point of view.



The HAZEMAG roll crusher meets these requirements and is characterized by the following points:

  • low specific energy demand
  • high to very high throughput rate
  • intelligent design with tramp metal protection
  • automatic gap setting
  • simple maintenance
  • high variety of crushing tools
  • cubicle product with minimal fines
  • trouble-free operation with very sticky and moist materials
  • applicable for adhesive feed material



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