• rubble recycling


The very foundation of The HAZEMAG Company started with the processing and recycling of rubble. Our founder, Dr. Erhard Andreas developed and introduced the Andreas Impactor, the very first mill of its kind that was utilized, post war, for the processing of the massive amount of waste and debris was dominate throughout many cities in Germany. Rubble recycling as we know it today, began with this highly successful introduction of the HAZEMAG Andreas impactor. Now, some 70 years later, this recycled and acceptable resource is being used and enjoyed in many aspects of our daily lives; benefiting all of us while giving life to a previously used and valuable resource once again.

With its process know-how, high quality - reliable machines and services, HAZEMAG plays an important and highly contributing role in the crushing and recycling of materials such as rubble, concrete and asphalt; resulting in a proven component that can be utilized in a wide range of construction sectors.


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