Materials recovery with recycling plants

Переработка сегодня для лучшего завтра.

История компании HAZEMAG началась с повторной переработки после изобретения ударно-отражательной дробилки Андреаса в 1946 году. Самая первая ударно-отражательная дробилка такого типа была разработана для переработки значительных объемов руин, которые было необходимо расчистить в Германии. In this way, we try to have a positive impact against the waste of materials such as plastic.

Сегодня подразделение вторичной переработки компании HAZEMAG вносит значительный вклад в традиционные глобальные ценности компании, давая новую жизнь использованным ранее ценным ресурсам на благо планеты и ее обитателей.

Располагая практическими знаниями, высококачественными инновационными машинами и проектами заводов, компания HAZEMAG остается мировым лидером в предоставлении проверенных, эффективных и разработанных в соответствии с конкретными требованиями заказчика решений в сфере измельчения и повторной переработки материалов, таких как каменный лом, бетон, асфальт, стекло и многое другое.

В нашем испытательном центре мы имеем возможность тестировать продукцию для наших заказчиков, чтобы постоянно обеспечивать наивысшее качество.


Perhaps more than many other industries, the success of the recycling group is highly determined by the control and management of the raw to ensure high-quality recycling plants and reduce the waste of materials. To achieve this, the processing system must offer a very high level of flexibility, extreme ruggedness, high technology and the ability to adapt to an extensive variation range in the raw materials. The decision between a fixed/stationary recycling plant versus a mobile recycling plant are solely determined by the availability of raw materials, annual projected production rates and the local demand for the recycled products. Under the correct management controls, the success and profitability of a recycling facility can easily be realized.

Quality control, raw material management and the needed processing methods are realized in a variety of ways, such as;

  • selective demolition of buildings
  • inspection/monitoring of the incoming material
  • raw material stockpiling according to its makeup/ mixture
  • material preparation: pre-sizing, sorting and removal of larger tramp irons
  • raw material identification, classifying and selective sorting
  • metal identification, preparation and possible removal
  • sorting out of non-mineral fractions
  • separation of light materials

In recycling plants, the design of the recycling plant will be defined by the makeup and characteristics of feed material. The flexibility and components that make up the plant must be capable of processing a raw feed material that can range from clean building rubble, mixed building rubble and large concrete products; all of which can potentially contain large amounts of tramp irons.

The requirements on the finished product; defined as the grain size and needed distribution of each, product shape requirements, material composition and perhaps most important its quality in regard to purity, clean materials, will define and reflect the plants level of technology and automation.

The successful processing of a wide range of demolition and construction debris into an acceptable, saleable product is the target of processing with recycling plants. This is particularly relevant in the business of rubble processing, where crushing and screening plants are commonly employed. In our material recovery facilities, we are working on optimized equipment to reduce the waste of materials such as minerals, metals and more.

For the processing of building rubble, the availability of proven machines and technology is certainly known. Although the overall design and selection of the ancillary machines can vary, the heart and key component of any recycling plant is found in its crus­hing unit, which without any doubt will help determine the success and profitability for any operation. Therefore, we can reduce the waste of usable materials.


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