HAZEMAG提供在我们的材料测试设施中提供的一系列应用程序支持服务。 我们有能力为客户提供全面的测试程序,以分析和进一步了解他们的原材料。 例如,我们可以同时进行精细和粗略测试

粉碎。 干燥以及干燥和研磨测试的组合也可以使用最新技术和测量系统进行。 完整的程序为我们的客户提供有关其原材料的生产率,磨损成本,能耗和行为特性的重要信息和数据。 这些实际和全面的结果通常被视为投资决策的基础。


A place for practical, application specific, raw material investigation. A program that helps establish valuable information specific to your project goals, material processing needs and the potential use of HAZEMAG equipment and services. It’s all about you: The HAZEMAG Customer!

It goes without saying that you are invited to accompany the tests in our Test Plant, which would in addition be a great opportunity to discuss your project in detail.

Behind the operation of every HAZEMAG product is found a wealth of experience, backed by a level of partnership and product support that remains second to none. Our application knowledge, equipment flexibility and market competitiveness puts us in a unique position to react to your precise project needs. We call it „Partnership Unlimited –the HAZEMAG Way“.

The existing plant facilities allow for the equipment to be combined and operated within the following groups:

■ laboratory testing

■ coarse crushing / sieving

■ fine crushing/grinding

■ drying

■ grinding & drying


The machines in the plant are all from the current HAZEMAG range of equipment, to ensure that field conditions are replicated as close as possible.

The layout of the coarse crushing section has been designed to use one of the two impactors or the roll crusher. If a screen unit is used, oversize material can be returned to the feed material flow, i.e. operation in closed circuit.

The fine crushing and drying section with a hammer mill and a rapid dryer forms another core part of the test plant.

The hammer mill has been integrated into the system in such a way that a range of crushing/grinding & drying operations are possible.

In the section set aside solely for drying technology and the processing of wet feed materials is a rapid dryer, the feeding and discharge of which is effected by HAZEMAG rotary gate valves; the fine material is separated via cyclone and filter.

The whole plant is computer-controlled. There is a visual display of the current operational status of all units. A total of six basic menus are available, which can be modified as needed.

During the test process, the status of the individual equipment, such as the power input of the electric drives, the rotor tip speed of the crushers as well as the various system temperatures are displayed. Pre-programming of various parameters is also possible.

All the results from the tests carried out in the HAZEMAG Test Plant as well as any other special tests and investigations are evaluated in the test plant‘s own laboratory. Such tests are carried out to determine the following:

■ Plant capacity

■ Power requirements

■ Granulation curves

■ Wear rates

■ Thermal loads

■ Moisture contents


Such data forms the basis for the fulfilment of user requirements.

For specific detailed tests, a laboratory crusher, a laboratory roll mill, adhesion measuring device, liquid limit apparatus by Casagrande, HAZEMAG Abrasion test equipment according to the Pennsylvania Test method and a point load tester are available.

Feed materials (representative samples) for comminution or drying tests must be provided by the customer free of charge. Please refer to the table ‘Test procedures and sample description’ (see brochure) with regard to required quantities and sizes. For the test numbers 15-19, we require delivery in 1t Big Bags. Smaller quantities may be delivered in barrels or similar. Please feel free to contact HAZEMAG to discuss in detail the amount of test material that is needed for your specific project.


The test sample shall be identified with the following information:

■ Company name

■ Contact person

■ Phone number

■ Description of material (e.g. Limestone)

■ Identification (e.g. Project, Site, etc.)


Required raw material and process data:

■ Chemical and/or mineralogical analysis

■ Hardness and compressive strength of the feed material

■ Moisture content of the supplied material and (in the event of deviations) the humidity of the typical feed material

■ Source of the material

■ Your requirements for the product

■ Desired intended use and purpose

■ Safety data sheet of the material (if applicable)

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