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Environmental Report

To protect, conserve and sustain our natural environment, today and in the future, the HAZEMAG Group is focused on the conscious and efficient use of resources.

As a pioneer in the fields of minerals processing and construction materials recycling, the HAZEMAG Group continuously develops new and innovative solutions to reduce its ecological footprint.

Product standardisation, which consequently reduces diversity of parts, facilitates minimisation and optimisation of components used in individual machines. This coordinated, modular product portfolio increases efficiencies in engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and in the operation of our machines and systems.

Our modular products, along with a process-optimised approach, enable our customers to maximise the operational efficiency of their systems. To achieve this, we collaborate with our customers to develop alternative and optimised treatment processes, with the objective of shortening the crushing process and achieving significant energy savings.

A further step towards increasing the environmental credentials of our products is the development of water-saving treatment processes, and even the use of air as an alternative to water. To achieve this, we have developed innovative and resource-saving products and processes, which simultaneously optimise production costs.

Our products and systems, combined with specially-developed machine automation, contribute to the energy-efficient operation of our customers’ systems. In addition, our digitised, predictive maintenance concepts make it possible to avoid unforeseen production downtime, and so increase system efficiency. This in turn increases productivity, whilst reducing usage of resources and energy.

Reprocessing feed materials, refurbishing and reusing machines, along with our investments in further environmentally-aware developments, all contribute to a more eco-friendly and sustainable use of resources and increased production efficiency.

Needless to say, electric vehicles, paperless offices, and the use of wind and solar energy, are key elements of the HAZEMAG Group’s environmental strategy.

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