With a staff of 600 in Germany and abroad HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH has been operating successfully for decades in the field of customer-oriented mining all over the world.

Economic coal mining can only be ensured by modern and reliable machines as well as by qualified service. The single-boom drilling jumbo HDM 1 has an electrohydraulic central drive, a hydraulic hammer for percussive drilling or drill drive units for rotary drilling and has been constructed for the preparation of blast hole and anchor drillings as well as for roof bolting.


The compact drilling machine with hydraulic rotary drive comprises a carrier frame in which a drill slide is moved back and forwards. The drill feed system is constructed as a direct drive unit with three inter­connected hydraulic cylinders and is designed for high-powered thrust and retraction. Two hydraulically operated telescopic stanchions are fitted in front on both sides of the frame so that the machine can be braced in the drilling position. A further pair of mecha­nically or optional hydraulically adjustable props are incorporated into the lower section of the frame so that the machine can be adjusted to even floor conditions.

The compact drilling machine with hydraulic rotary drive or percussion hammer drill consists of a torsionally-rigid drill carriage with prism profiles. In addi­tion to offering high wear resistance, the prismatic design creates a high-precision guidance system. The carriage is braced in the drilling position by means of two mechanically and two hydraulically extendable props.

All HAZEMAG drilling machines can be fitted with a range of optional accessories, including air com­pressors, pressure booster pumps and hydraulically-powered drill support frames. Electronic control and radio remote control systems, which are also available as flameproof versions, can be supplied if required. The drilling machines can also be mounted on a wheel or crawler based undercarriage for mobile applications.

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