This series of primary impact crushers is used in the cement, aggregate and recycling industries.

For aggregate production and recycling industry, the HPI-H impact crusher is used in the pre-crushing role without a grinding path.

The single rotor primary impact crusher of the HPI-H series is used in the cement industry with grinding path, for the production of a raw material with an ideal grain size distribution for further grinding in vertical roller mills.


The rotor can handle feed material up to 1.2 m³. The HPI-H crusher has two impact aprons and can additionally be equipped with a grinding path. The gap settings of the impact aprons grinding path can be varied by means of hydraulic cylinder, thus allowing for optimum control of the end product granulometry. The grinding path restricts the amount of oversize.


The exclusive and unique computer-controlled hydraulic adjustment system for the impact aprons (and grinding path) allows for quick gap adjustments, optimum control over the product size, smoother crusher operation, tramp iron protection, reduced downtime and reduced operating costs. In our technically advanced HAZtronic system, the impactor performance can be optimized with recipes or pre-programmed apron settings, which further enhance the quality and consistency of the product.

The rotor is the key component in the crushing process. Its body together with shaft and bearings forms the «heart» of the impact crusher.

This patented rotor is HAZEMAG’s own design and is a cast and welded steel construction, with individually cast rotor discs welded to the rotor body to accommodate the proprietary blow bars as primary crushing implements. The blow bars are locked in position in the holders by means of wedges, which can be easily removed for blow bar changing.

The rotor discs are welded together with rugged holding beams to provide the backbone for the blow bars. The blow bars themselves are secured to the holding beams by means of wedges, which are easily removed for blow bar changing.

ZThe exchange or removal of the blowbars in the “QB“ rotor is assisted by the means of a blowbar lifting device; standard and supplied on all HPI-H machines. Once the wegde clamping elements have been removed, the blowbars are now ready for rotation or exchange; followed by their repositioning back into the rotor body. Due to the size and weight of the “QB“ rotor system, a rotor lock device is provided to ensure that the rotor body remains fixed into position during this procedure.

For the protection of the rotor body and blow bars, the impact aprons retract under excessive load.

The impact aprons are retained in position by hydraulic cylinder, allowing adjustment and securing at the touch of a button. The instant a pre-set limiting value is overstepped in the crushing chamber, the impact apron retracts in a controlled manner. As soon as the load value returns to normal, the impact apron resumes its pre-set position, and operation continues without interruption.

The HPI-H series may optionally be fitted with a grinding path which ensures an oversize limitation. Adjusting the grinding path is effected hydraulically. Hence the product grain size may be optimally adjusted at the HAZEMAG HPI-H series.

In the cement industry the grinding path is the decisive assembly for reducing the oversize in the field of primary crushing. The grinding path of the HAZEMAG HPI-H series has been significantly improved: a technically mature system of hydraulics and mechanics permits the retraction in case of an overload. This patented solution increases the operational safety and availability. Thus, the potential for damage and excessive downtime due to foreign particles is greatly reduced.

With this HAZEMAG once more demonstrates its distinct market competence.


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