As the original manufacturer, we are best-placed to correctly repair all core components, as well as delivering professional care for your entire HAZEMAG system. Benefit from HAZEMAG’s know-how and years of experience, and take the opportunity to extend the service life of your machine many times over.
In addition to tried-and-tested technologies, we have the knowledge, experience and reliability gained from over 180 years of mechanical engineering. Using original construction drawings, only HAZEMAG can offer the highest quality precision repairs for any machine ever built by HAZEMAG. A repair by HAZEMAG represents a first-class, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new machine.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Minimises the risk of failure
  • Reliable and predictable
  • Inexpensive alternative
  • Increased service life
  • High quality and accuracy of fit

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Step 1: Delivery of the rotor to the factory

We will discuss transportation of your rotor to our Dülmen plant and, once unload, it will be stored safely before being expertly evaluated in our workshop.

Step 2: Assessment, dismantling and preparation of a quotation

The rotor will be dismantled in our repair area, and each individual part will be subjected to a thorough inspection with regard to its current condition and dimensional accuracy. Where relevant, components are sandblasted to enable subsequent testing for cracks in order to identify any possible defects before repairs are carried out. After the delivery condition has been fully recorded, a report is created. This report includes a list of all the individual parts delivered, including their respective condition and the associated measurement logs. An individual quotation will then be prepared for you based on the report’s findings. All parts are fully evaluated and the quotation will contain a list of all parts that can either be repaired, or must be replaced due to their condition. The quoted price, and the associated repair works, will restore your rotor to ‘as new’ new condition.

Step 3: Carrying out repairs at the Dülmen plant

We will discuss the quotation with you, and you can decide the extent of the repair works you wish to be undertaken. The fixed-price repair process will then get underway, and no further additional costs will be incurred for the agreed refurbishment work. Our experienced specialist staff will carry out the required work as quickly and efficiently as possible and, amongst others, items covered by the scope of repairs will also include the precise milling of contact surfaces, the application of hardfacing to optimise wear and tear, and final professional assembly.
Once the repair work is completed, the rotor is dynamically balanced to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation in the impact crusher. In addition, balancing will maximise the service life of the bearings. In the final stage of the process, the rotor is primed and prepared for shipment.
Our aim is to complete the refurbishment of your components on time, and to the highest level of HAZEMAG quality. Our claim is the best quality, at a fair price, according to the highest German standards.
All removable and transportable components, from HAZEMAG’s entire product range, can be repaired at the Dülmen plant.

The aim is to make your delivered components available again on time and in best HAZEMAG quality. Our claim is best quality at a fair price according to highest German standards.

All dismountable and transportable components of the entire HAZEMAG portfolio can be reconditioned at the Dülmen plant.

The HAZEMAG Repair Process?

You can find further information on The HAZEMAG Repair Process in our flyer.

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