Key Features

Twin crushing rolls

Rotation toward its respective sidewall

Crushing Segments

High Variety by a expanded range of Crushing segments

Product size variation

By gap setting between crushing wall & crushing rolls




Type Maximum Capacity [t/h] Inlet Size [mm]  Maximum Feed Size [mm] Center Distance [mm] Roll Length [mm] Weight [kg]
HSS 0610 550 1.750 x 1.040 250 680 1.020 15.000
HSS 0616 825 1.750 x 1.550 250 680 1.530 20.000
HSS 0620 1.100 1.750 x 2.060 250 680 2.040 25.000
HSS 0625 1.350 1.750 x 2.570 250 680 2.220 30.000
HSS 0630 1.650 1.750 x 3.080 250 680 3.060 35.000
HSS 0810 900 2.080 x 1.040 350 850 1.020 25.000
HSS 0816 1.300 2.080 x 1.550 350 850 1.530 31.000
HSS 0820 1.750 2.080 x 2.060 350 850 2..040 39.000
HSS 0825 2.200 2.080 x 2.570 350 850 2.550 47.500
HSS 0830 2.600 2.080 x 2.080 350 850 2.550 47.500
HSS 0840 3.500 2.080 x 3.080 350 850 4.080 71.000


The operating principle is based on a continuous generation of pressure between the crushing roll and side wall. Due to the unique and smart design, larger lumps can easily enter the crushing zone; between the crushing roll and housing sidewall. Its design and operation ensure the smooth and uninterrupted transport and processing of the feed material with a minimal generation of fines.

Design & Features

  • Twin crushing rolls; rotation toward its respective sidewall.
  • Reduced crushing roll speed with high torque.
  • Material reduction achieved by crushing, shearing and compression
  • Optimum flow of finer materials that do not need to be crushed.

    Housing / Wear liners

    Housing and drive bracket of the HAZEMAG Sizer are very sturdy and thus suitable for heavy – duty
    applications. The housing is fitted with heavy duty, wear resistant and exchangeable wear parts.

    • Solid front wall to absorb the main crushing forces coming from crushing rolls.
    • Solid and rugged welded steel construction for the side walls including wear plate.
    • Internal wall with wear plates (in front of the front wall), protection for bearings.
    • Hydraulically adjustable and retractable crushing wall, with a bolt on crushing comb

    This retractable crushing wall acts as a protection for machine damages caused by entry of uncrushable. The possibility of adjustment acts as compensation for wear and as a possibility to effect the product gradation.


    Track Roll Lifting Device

    A roller carriage system that allows the sizer to be moved easily from under the feed hopper; giving full access to the sizer and its internal parts.


    Crushing Rolls

  • Exchangeable crushing segments; flexibility, safe and reduced downtime.
  • True-fit / dovetail segment securing system; safe, secure and optimum fit.
  • Wear resistant crushing segments for reduced operating costs.
  • Various segment designs ensuring the optimum balance between the crushing task and the sizer
  • Heavy duty design for extended service life and excellent reliability.
    • Track roller lifting device (optional)
    • Roll locking device
    • Variety of crushing segments
    • Reliable fixation of segments
    • Product size variation by gap setting between crushing wall and crushing rolls
    • Flywheel assembly (optional)
    • Mechanical gear coupling placed between the gearbox and crushing roll
    • Wherever possible, use of off-shelf available internals for the gear units
    • Wall-mounted Gearboxes on one side of the machine
    • Rotary and slip monitoring of the crushing rolls and fluid coupling (motor side)
    • Monitoring of bearing, gear and fluid coupling temperatures
    • Positioning control of the sidewalls


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