HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH in the June issue of World Cement

Olaf Drusche, HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH, describes the process of crushing and drying brucite ore at a Russian mine.



Vyazma Brucite LLC is a leading producer of brucite ore (Mg(OH)2 ) and magnesia products in Russia. The mining of the brucite ore takes place in an opencast mine in Kuldur, in Russia’s Jewish Autonomous region. The mine has more than 8 million t of proven reserves of raw materials. The Jewish Autonomous region is a federal subject of Russia, located in the Russian Far East, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast in Russia, and Heilongjiang province in China. The run-of-mine (ROM) brucite ore is processed in a crushing and screening system with a capacity of up to 250 000 tpy. After primary crushing, the 60 – 200 mm fraction undergoes x-ray radiometric separation, where an enrichment process takes place. Innovative technologies ensure stable quality of the concentrate, the properties of which are already very close to synthetic products. The newest equipment and technologies are used to perform processing operations. The mine is located in the Far East of Russia, but further processing and beneficiation of the brucite ore into high-magnesia products takes place in Vyazma, Smolensk region, 200 km southwest of Moscow. For the processing of the ore, modern equipment is used, including energy-efficient HAZEMAG drying and grinding systems. Vyazma Brucite LLC recently bought a complete second drying/grinding system from the German company, containing the following components: a hot gas generator with a capacity of 750 kW, a HAZEMAG HGV 058 rotary gate valve, a single-rotor HAZEMAG HUM 1008 hammer mill, the material discharge device, and lastly the engineering of the complete plant.

The article from the June 2018 issue of the World Cement: