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HAZEMAG is a global leader in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Minerals Processing Plant.

We deliver trusted technology and services to sustain productivity and profitability of your operation. With our engineering and equipment optimisation expertise, combined with extensive beneficiation experience across the entire processing chain, we assist our customers to address key issues such as durability, capacity and efficiency.

Most metals and minerals mined around the world require some form of processing to extract pure, ready-to-use materials, and the business of ore processing has played a fundamental role in HAZEMAG’s history. Today, process plant for the separation of raw materials remains a key part of the company’s business, and our extensive engineering know-how, and beneficiation industry expertise, encompasses all aspects of the minerals processing chain for the recovery of marketable products; from feed technology and primary crushing, to conveying, separation and classification, and from grinding to drying and dewatering.

HAZEMAG’s core business also includes equipment for processing gravel, sand, coal and slag, as well as materials recycling, and the company’s considerable capabilities extend beyond the design, manufacture and delivery of process equipment, to the installation and commissioning of complete turnkey projects. In addition, with our patented and fully-automated processing equipment systems, and working in close collaboration with our customers, we are able to develop and deliver individual, tailor-made and optimised processing plant solutions.


We all use a wide range of products in our daily lives that are derived from extracted minerals – from the mineral halite that gives us the salt we add to our food, to the minerals used in the construction of the buildings we live and work in – and it’s the development of advanced minerals processing plant that makes this possible.

The fertilisers used to produce our food crops, the vehicles we drive, and the roads we drive them on, are all made using minerals… even something as simple as a wooden pencil requires graphite and clay minerals for the ‘lead’, pigments and fillers used in the paint it’s coloured with are made from a variety of minerals and, if the pencil has a brass band, copper and zinc will have been used to make it.

In the United States alone, with a population of over 300 million citizens, it’s estimated that three trillion tons of mineral commodities are consumed each year… which equates to an average of around ten tonnes of mineral materials per person, per year.

Globally, the construction industry is the largest consumer of mineral commodities. Just some of the innumerable uses of minerals, and minerals processing plant, in construction include: the crushed stone used in foundations, road base construction and drainage; sand and gravel used in concrete and foundations; clays used in the manufacture of cement, bricks, and tiles; iron ore for the production of steel reinforcing rods, fabricating structural steel beams, and manufacture of nails, and wire; the gypsum used in plaster, plasterboard and Portland cement; and  dimension stone for facing, flooring, curbing, stair treads, and other architectural work.

In agriculture, phosphate rock and potash are used to make fertilisers, lime is used as an acid-neutralising soil treatment, and mineral nutrients are added to animal feeds.

Large volumes of salt, lime, and soda ash are employed in the chemical industry, and general manufacturing industries consume vast quantities of mineral fillers and extenders, clays and, metals.

As varied and different as the geological makeup of these natural resources, are the systems and technologies that are selected in order to meet such a vast range of specifications and consumer demands, and the development of HAZEMAG’s advanced minerals processing plant has played a major role in the successful recovery of usable materials. The primary operations are comminution and concentration, but other essential operations in a modern mineral processing plant include sampling and chemical, mineralogical and particle size analysis.

However, the common factor in minerals processing plant involves the primary crushing of extracted natural materials; a highly efficient process developed in the mining industry. In simple terms, crushing can be defined as the process of changing the size and quality characteristics of the raw material by the use of an external source, such as a crusher. More specifically, the crushing process must meet a range of crucial specification targets, such as:

  • Changing the size of the material in order to meet a range of construction specifications commonly associated with concrete, road base and asphalt chips, and even finer products utilised in paints, fertilisers and pharmaceuticals.
  • Changing the shape of the raw material in order to meet specifications that require, for example, a more cube-shaped product.
  • Increasing the quality of the raw material, known as beneficiation or selective crushing, which enhances the raw material by the elimination of softer, unwanted materials or inclusions.
  • ‘Upgrading’ the material; increasing its quality by eliminating natural cleavages or internal weaknesses.

In order to achieve these and other targets, minerals processing plants typically comprise of a combination of crushing and screening in multiple stages: primary, secondary and at times tertiary processing.

Systems for processing aggregates can be complex and the cost often represents a major investment for a business. The decision-making process of selecting the correct equipment is highly important, but the success of any project is not dependent on individual pieces of equipment. The ability to produce products of the highest possible quality, at least possible cost, comes from the quality of the overall system design; a design that delivers proven equipment and technology, with safe, efficient and flexible operation, has minimal maintenance requirements, and produces minimum volumes of waste.

Equally important to the success of your decision to invest in crushing plant is the support of a trusted project partner; one that can deliver proven experience and a solid history of achievement.

The key to success is finding the correct solution for your business, and at HAZEMAG you’ll always find what you’re looking for – industry expertise, proven capability, a range of equipment solutions and technologies… and a reliable partner.

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