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In hammer mills the swinging, flailing hammers are an essential component part of the rotor discs. The hammers move freely on pins attaching them to the discs and, due to the high peripheral speed of the rotor, and the resulting centrifugal forces, the wearing mass of the hammer is in the impact area. .

Based on practical experience, know-how and innovation, three different shapes and material compositions have, over time, proven to be efficient and effective in the production process.


1st Generation
This hammer is cast from a single material. The hammer is partially tempered through a special heat treatment, and the hammer holder remains soft and flexible relative to the striking area.


2nd Generation
The optimised shape significantly increases the wear mass compared to the 1st generation. These hammers are made from a special compound casting.


3rd Generation
Our latest development of the hammer is manufactured using an improved quality compound casting. The innovative design increases the wear mass by a further 10%, but the total weight remains similar to the 2nd generation. The new shape, combined with the improvement in quality, leads to increase in service life.

We are certain you’ll find the most suitable hammer for your application in our range.

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