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Take the opportunity and convince yourself of the high-quality service at your site. HAZEMAG service technicians have many years of experience working with machines like yours, and it’s this experience that enables us to provide you with efficient and flexible solutions. And, when the unexpected happens, we have the capability to respond with the correct solution, but always in consultation with you. Your HAZEMAG machine will be in the most capable hands and, as with all our projects, the highest level of attention is paid to compliance with matters relating to health & safety at work.


Wear and spare parts wear out naturally in the course of the production process and maintenance is essential to ensure your machine enjoys a long and productive working life. When wear and spare parts reach the end of their service life, they must be replaced professionally. We examine and replace these parts quickly, and always to your complete satisfaction. Precision installation is vital for the functionality of your machine and to avoid consequential damage. Make your own judgment about our service quality. Whether your machine needs rotor balancing or repair, new bearings, or simply replacement wear parts, contact our experienced technicians to discuss your requirements, and your make your own assessment of our service quality.

Key advantages:

  • Reduced downtime for your HAZEMAG machine
  • Specialised HAZEMAG tools
  • Original HAZEMAG machine drawings ensure precise installation
  • Flexible and reliable service


Since the rotor in your HAZEMAG machine is subjected to constant specific wear during the production process, it’s essential that the condition of the rotor is checked regularly. If you notice signs of wear, it’s advisable to have the rotor examined and repaired by a HAZEMAG service technician to ensure long-term, reliable and safe production, whilst minimising maintenance costs and investment in replacement machinery.

We also recommend that the condition of your blow bars or hammers is checked regularly. Changing these wear parts too late results in high wear on the rotor body and potential damage to your HAZEMAG machine.

Having your rotor refurbished on-site can avoid the high cost of installing a new rotor.

Key advantages:

  • No removal of the rotor
  • Low downtime
  • Increased rotor life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased machine availability
  • Increased production security


The key component of your HAZEMAG machine is the rotor, and rotor wear can lead to imbalance and potentially result in costly damage. Your rotor can be balanced by our trained specialist staff, on-site, in your HAZEMAG machine. The advantage of this is that rotor extraction, and transportation to an available balancing bench, is no longer necessary, and the rotor is balanced under appropriate operating conditions. The imbalance is evaluated by taking vibration measurements and then compensated for by the application of balancing weights.

Key advantages:

  • No removal of the rotor
  • Balancing under operating conditions
  • Low downtime
  • Increased service life of the rotor and bearings
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased machine availability
  • Reduced load on bearings and supporting components
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased production security


Theory Training

HAZEMAG offer individually-tailored theory training sessions. Essentially, the training will be based on the operating and maintenance instructions provided with your HAZEMAG machine, but participants will acquire background knowledge and instruction on the basics of relevant HAZEMAG technologies.

Practical Training

Practical training is offered in addition to theory training and is carried out directly on machinery at your site. The sessions will teach the practical implementation of what has already been learned in theory training. These training courses are conducted by experienced HAZEMAG commissioning engineers, and particular attention is paid to the specific operating conditions and requirements of your site.

We are also be happy to develop individual training programmes for you, and this can be combined with regular maintenance and/or inspection of equipment at your site.


HAZEMAG offers individual service packages to ensure you can always rely on the availability of your machine. Our inspection contracts provide for regular periodic inspection of your machines and systems, adapted to your specific operating conditions, and on agreed terms.

Preventive and condition-dependent maintenance measures, carried out by our qualified specialist technicians, will reduce the likelihood of major repairs being required, and minimise consequential damage to the machine or associated failure-related reject product.

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