Key Features

Easy adaptation

Seamless integration into existing HAZEMAG control systems such as HAZtronic solutions


Reduced and optimised maintenance costs – ensures an early detection of mechanical damages, optimised lifecycle times, and improved equipment availability


Greater control of equipment and corresponding OPEX costs. HAZconnect can be retrofitted to existing infrastructure at low cost




… have your HAZEMAG equipment and plant on your mobile device?

… generate and receive tailored reports?

… access all production data worldwide in your own data cloud?

… increase availability?

… reduce costs?

… reduce failures & maximise performance?

… predict when critical equipment might fail?

… decrease planned and unplanned maintenance?

… automatically retrieve spare parts requirements?

With HAZconnect you can.


HAZconnect is a fully integrated software platform; smart, modular and scalable communication intelligence, which operates your HAZEMAG equipment – from a single machine to turn-key plant.

The connectivity bundle is the basis for this technology. It brings the information from your HAZEMAG equipment to where it is really needed: in the control room, in the SCADA system, in the cloud, on the mobile device in the hands of the maintenance staff, wireless to download it at the machine – or wherever this information is needed.

Included in this bundle: basic connectivity and data integration, mobile app, cloud remote connection.

The reports bundle – this invaluable feature generates tailored reports that reflect production history and show performance trends. Reports can be provided automatically, weekly or monthly, and are available both in the HAZconnect system or mobile.

Included in this bundle: tailored reporting, mobile reporting, cloud database

The analysis bundle provides condition monitoring of the HAZEMAG equipment and predictive maintenance by machine learning algorithms: The HAZEMAG equipment informs you at an early stage when maintenance times need to be planned, as well as spare parts to be ordered. Furthermore, specific data analytics are possible in order to detect further optimisation potential of your HAZEMAG equipment.

Included in this bundle: condition monitoring, machine learning


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