Key Features

Crushing tools

Wide range of crushing caps and segments, including tools for highly-abrasive and sticky materials.

Limit oversize & size variation

Product sizing regulated by adjustment of gap setting between crushing segment & rollers.


Lifting device and crushing roller lock ensure that the crushing segments can be changed safely.




Type Maximum Capacity [t/h] Inlet Size [mm] Maximum Feed Size [mm] Center Distance [mm] Roll Length [mm] Weight [kg]
HCS 0510 290 1.345 x 1.040 250 550 1.020 12.250
HCS 0516 425 1.345 x 1.550 250 550 1.530 14.500
HCS 0520 575 1.345 x 2.060 250 550 2.040 17.500
HCS 0610 400 1.620 x 1.040 350 680 1.020 17.400
HCS 0616 600 1.620 x 1.550 350 680 1.530 20.300
HCS 0620 800 1.620 x 2.060 350 680 2.040 27.800
HCS 0625 1.000 1.620 x 2.570 350 680 2.550 21.000
HCS 0630 1.200 1.620 x 3.080 350 680 3.060 34.000
HCS 0810 500 1.980 x 1.040 450 850 1.020 20.000
HCS 0816 750 1.980 x 1.550 450 850 1.530 35.000
HCS 0820 1.000 1.980 x 2.060 450 850 2.040 39.000
HCS 0825 1.250 1980 x 2.570 450 850 2.550 44.000
HCS 0830 1.550 1.980 x 3.080 450 850 3.060 52.000
HCS 0840 2.050 1.980 x 4.100 450 850 4.080 64.000


For industrial beneficiation of secondary raw materials, selection of the most appropriate crushing method plays a key role in the production of specific grain sizes, shapes and surfaces, or to break down multi-component materials.

The selected crusher must conform to today’s stringent requirements for processing rocks, ores and coals. Materials to be crushed are becoming more and difficult to process, high throughput capacities are required, and a high focus is now placed on energy consumption.

Due to investment cost, crushing plants are moving to compact solutions, and crushers with low space requirements are advantageous, even for fully-mobile systems, and the use of energy-efficient roll sizers, with high throughput rates, is becoming increasingly important from both an economic, and an ecological point of view.

The HAZEMAG Sizer is characterised by the following features and benefits:

  • Low specific energy demand
  • High to very high throughput rate
  • Intelligent design
  • Simple maintenance
  • Wide range of crushing tools
  • Cubicle product with minimal fines
  • Trouble-free operation with very sticky and moist materials
  • Also applicable for adhesive feed material



The crusher is driven by two independent drive sections each comprising an electric motor, fluid coupling, gearbox and mechanical coupling.



Housing and drive bracket of the HAZEMAG Sizer are very sturdy and thus suitable for heavy – duty applications. They are fitted with easy to exchange wear parts. The modular design of the housing – system allows matching specific customer requirements.


Track Roll Lifting Device

A system that easily permits and transports the sizer out from under the feed hopper; thus, permitting full access to the sizer and its internal parts.


Roll Locking Device

With safety in mind, all HAZEMAG crushing rolls can be fixed in position for safe maintenance. This Roll locking device is integrated into the crusher interlocking system.

Center Sizers are typically used in applications where fines need to be limited, and are often the ideal solution for processing difficult materials such as clays. Due to its design and open passage system, which allows all fines to pass very quickly, sizers can be very compact but still achieve very high capacities.

The operating principle is based on a continuous generation of pressure between two counter – rotating rolls, so that crushing takes place without interruptions. Due to the small number of high teeth big lumps can immerse deep between the rolls and are crushed immediately. The force acting on material is punctual. The result is a minimization of generation of fines.
of fine generation..

Additional features of the HAZEMAG Mineral Sizer include:

  • Roller trolley (optional)
  • Crushing roller lock
  • Wide range of breaker cap and breaker segments for highly-abrasive and sticky materials
  • Reliable fixing of caps and segments
  • Breaking bar (only for use in primary crushing)
  • Variation of product size by adjusting gap between crushing bar and rollers (primary sizers)
  • Variation of product size by adjusting the shaft distance (secondary sizers)
  • Various scraper options (secondary sizers)
  • Installation / retrofitting of a flywheel (optional)
  • Mechanical coupling between gearbox and crushing roll
  • Wherever possible, gearbox units utilise off-the-shelf internal parts
  • Gearbox mounted to side of machine
  • Rotation and slip monitoring of crushing rollers and fluid coupling
  • Temperature monitoring of bearings, gearbox and hydraulic unit
  • Examples of raw materials that can be processed with HAZEMAG Roll Crushers include limestone, clay, ores, gypsum, coal, coke, phosphate, marl, chalk, salts, tailings and quicklime.


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