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HAZEMAG ist ein hochgradig spezialisierter Partner für technische Lösungen und Anbieter von vielseitigen Anwendungen für die Bergbauindustrie.

Die umfassende und bewährte HAZEMAG-Produktpalette ist das Ergebnis langjähriger praktischer Erfahrung bei der Entwicklung innovativer und durchdachter Lösungen für jedes Problem.


Bei Fragen und Problemen steht unsere unermüdliche Kundenberatung rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung.

Ihr Erfolg ist auch der unsere: Bei HAZEMAG weiß man, wie wichtig langjährige gute Kundenbeziehungen in der Bergbaubranche sind.


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Hand-Held Drilling | HTS

The pneumatically driven drilling machines of the HTS 4 series may be used for a multitude of drilling applications. The powerful rotary drill drive in combination with the sturdy design characterizes this successful series of machines.

Latest Long Hole Drilling Machine | HLH 260

Drill rigs of the TURMAG type series HLH 50 to HLH 300 may be applied for a multitude of drilling tasks in coal mining, such as core drillings, exploration and degasification drillings.

Long Hole Drilling Machine | HLH 400/110

Application With a staff of 600 in Germany and abroad HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH has been operating successfully for decades in ...

Long Hole Drilling Machine | HLH

Drill rigs of the TURMAG type series HLH 50 to HLH 300 may be applied for a multitude of drilling tasks, such as core drillings, exploration and degasification drillings.

Roadheading Excavator | HRE

Especially designed for the effective drifting of tunnels and galleries with small cross sections of 9 m2 to 22 m2 the HRE combines the advantages of…

Boring Loader | HBL

For gallery mine devolopment in cross sections from 12 up to 18 m2 in mining projects, HAZEMAG & EPR GmbH offers the crawler mounted boring loader HBL which is able to realize load works and drilling works for blasting also with a single machine.

Drilling Jumbo | HDT 1

The Drilling Jumbo HDT 1 is a specially designed drillrig for drifting, crosscutsand roof holes in very narrow drifts and tunnels.

Side Tipping Loader | HSL

HAZEMAG MINING side tipping loaders are suited for all loading works arising in underground operation. They are characterized by a simple, compact and easy to maintain design as well as by a high operational availability.

Multi-purpose shaft excavator| HME 200

For mining and shaft sinking. The HME 200 is ideally suited fur use in confined spaces as well as for multi-functional applications thanks to different attachment tools

Multi-Functional Loader | HMF 600

The universal multipurpose loader for mining. Rapid attachment of various tools and use of the HMF 600 for loading, dinting, blast hole drilling, bolting and further applications is achieved by an innovative quick coupling device.

Multi-functional Machine | HMF

The HMF is a crawler-mounted and electro-hydraulically driven loader which, because of its different attachments, may be used for a wide range of applications.

Dinting Loader | HDL 300

The dinting machines stand out for a simple as well as compact and serviceable design and high operational reliability.

Feeder Breaker | HFB

The HAZEMAG Feeder Breaker HFB is a complete horizontal roll crusher plant, which works according to the field-proven principle of crushing in the horizontal material flow.

Horizontaler Schlagwalzenbrecher | HHI

Der horizontale Schlagwalzenbrecher der HHI-Baureihe besteht im Wesentlichen aus zwei Maschinenkomponenten: der Schlagwalze und einem Kettenförderer.

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