HAZEMAG apron feeders HAF are used for feed hopper discharging in primary crushing plants as a loading or discharging conveyor e.g. in the cement and raw material industry. Conveying capacities of up to 2500 t/h with piece sizes of 2.7 m3 are possible.


The apron feeder consists of heavy-duty conveyor chains, on which the apron pans are mounted. The chains run on support rollers that are mounted to the apron feeder frame. They are driven by chain sprockets and tensioned either mechanically or hydraulically.


The material on the apron feeder is transported by the conveying system. Thus there is no relative movement between the material and the aprons. This therefore leads to low-wear operation.

The chains are heavy tractor-type chains, whose links are lifetime lubricated. Tensioning of the tractor chains is done via a tensioning shaft. Depending on the apron feeder size, it is either mechanically or hydraulically tensioned.

An apron feeder pan is bolted to each link of the tractor chain. Every second plate is equipped with a carrier; this secures the material transport. The apron‘s specific contour assures that only very little material finds its way into the inside of the apron feeder.

The support rollers are screwed to the frame’s upper side and are lifetime lubricated. The tractor chain moves on these rollers. The support rollers are also lifetime lubricated. In the bunker feed-in area, support rollers are mounted shock-absorbed to reduce the shock loads on the apron feeder construction during tipping. The lifetime lubricated return rollers carry the outside edge of the apron feeder pans on the lower side of the frame.

Slide rails are mounted under the apron feeder pans along the length; additional lubrication is not necessary. Furthermore in the input area, additional slide rails are attached in order to absorb shock loads.

The apron feeder is driven either electro-mechanically or hydraulically. The conveying speed is infinitely adjustable; a back stop prevents the feeder from moving backwards.

The protection guards consist of easy-to-remove protective covers that are mounted on the apron feeder frame as safety guards. The moving parts of the drive unit are protected from unauthorised intervention. Furthermore, the operation of the apron feeder is continuously monitored by an rotation detector.

The sidewalls serve as the skirtings, which are located above the apron feeder between feed hopper and apron feeder discharge. A special feed hopper design together with the transport of the material leads to a certain layer thickness. The skirtings of the apron feeder are designed according to the expected layer height.

The spillage conveyor is a chain conveyor mounted directly on the apron feeder. Some rest material adheres to the apron feeder pans. This material falls off on the return side.

Technical Overview

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